Monday, 8 February 2010

New Gift Bags!

My new gift bags came a few days ago and I really wanted to show them off here:) They are lovely - even nicer than on the picture! I love sending my gemstone angels gift-wrapped, and used to handmake the wrapping myself. The clients loved it, but it was taking too much time and energy, so at the end I decided to look for beautiful gift bags instead. I'm so happy I found those silver and gold ones!

Meine neue Geschenksäckchen sind da!!! Ich bin verliebt - und die sehen viel schöner als auf dem Bild aus! Ich verschicke sehr gerne meine Heilsteinengelchen geschenkverpackt:)

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Val Zdero said...

They are lovely :D - I use similar organza bags for packing my jewellery in - it gives it that sweet touch!