Thursday, 28 January 2010

Something New!

I enjoyed featuring wonderful talanted people so much, that I decided to do more of it. However, it felt that this blog won't be the right place for it, so I created a new one: It is in English only. I will continue using "Rainbow River" as a personal crafter's blog.

I already transferred the 5 relevant posts from this blog to "Craftdom". My initial idea was to eraze them from here, but then I kept them because of the German text.

Mir hat's so gefallen über talantierte nette Leute zu erzählen, dass ich mich entschieden habe in einen neuen Blog nur das zu machen: "Craftdom" ist nur auf Englisch. Auf diese Blog werde ich weiterhin über meine eigene Schmuckstücke berichten.

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