Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Good Morning, Life!

A few days ago I stumbled on a beautiful artist's work on DaWanda. I was so taken by her sunny paintings that I decided to write about her here.

Her name is Berit and she comes from Berlin in Germany. She's a graphic designer and illustrator, who happened to travel to Africa and fall in love with the Black Continent's bright, shiny colours.

My personal favourite is the sunrise you see on the top of the post. However, all aquarelles of hers are wonderful.

Berit has both original paintings and prints/postcards for sale. Visit her DaWanda store "Berit's Atelier" by clicking here.

The word that describes Berit's paintings the best is in German: "farbenfroh". Normally translated as "colourful", it actually carries the implication of "joyful with colours".

Enjoy your Africa trip with "Berit's Atelier"!

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