Saturday, 28 February 2009

Winter Carnival!

I live in Germany and the winter carnival, called "Fasching", is such an important part of the year that the kids even get a whole week holiday!

The actual day when people go out dressed up is "Faschingsdienstag" ("The Tuesday of Fasching").

That was just a few days ago and I took some pictures.

Unfortunately I didn't get any satisfying answer to the question about the origin of the tradition. However, most people thought that it had something to do with scaring away the evil spirits at the end of the winter.

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SilverJewelOman said...

OH I soo miss that aspect of living in Germany. I used to live in Frankfurt and now live in HOT oman in the middle east - I am australian, mum of 2 and LOVE to bead, silversmith and create... I love reading your blog and love your jewellery...yes I struggle with the american-british spelling sometimes and have tried to stick to british in the past as that was what i was bought up with - now i often put tags with both spellings on my blog - esp for jewellery/jewelry...