Sunday, 8 February 2009

Apple Addict

If you knew me, you would have already known it - I'm an apple addict!

I just love eating apples. During my student years I would even spend the whole day munching on them. (You won't have to think but a second to know what I am eating right now:-)

Last year I visited some friends in England after a 2 years pause. They welcomed me with a huge bowl of apples. It turned out that their 5-year-old didn't let Daddy have his peace and quiet until he finally bought them.

This 5-year-old used to be a 3-year old at the time when I lived in London - I must have eaten tons of apples in her presence... However, now she loves eating apples too.

During my first year in Germany, we lived in a beautiful lake area close to the border with Switzerland. Bodensee is the biggest German lake and it's famous because of its produce of... apples - the tastiest apples in the world.

Some farmers had their own shops and in our favorite one you could buy a 20 kg box of apples for only 10 Euro. My husband couldn't believe it that I was successfully eating up a whole box (well, just the content) in a bit more than a month :-)

You probably understand now why he wasn't surprised when I purchased those gemstone apple charms you see on the bracelet above...

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