Sunday, 8 February 2009

5 Advantages of Being a Work-From-Home Mom

  • Baby makes you more organized. As you have less time then before, you have no choice but use it efficiently.
  • Baby helps you look from the bright side of life. The moment you glance at her lovely smile, it comes down to you that there's more in life than work.
  • Baby makes sure you won't overwork. By refusing to fall asleep without you, he puts you timely to bed.
  • Baby inspires you to continue. She deals with success and failure on a daily basis, as she learns to crawl, walk, etc. She never gives up. I felt really discouraged about my lack of sales back in December, but observing my daughter's tireless attempts to stand up and walk helped me cheer up. My first sales came around that time.
  • Baby is your Number One Fan! Whatever you do, he loves it! Have you ever chased a 1-year old, who is excitedly trying on your latest creation!?!
Feel free to comment and add to this list!

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