Saturday, 28 February 2009

Winter Carnival!

I live in Germany and the winter carnival, called "Fasching", is such an important part of the year that the kids even get a whole week holiday!

The actual day when people go out dressed up is "Faschingsdienstag" ("The Tuesday of Fasching").

That was just a few days ago and I took some pictures.

Unfortunately I didn't get any satisfying answer to the question about the origin of the tradition. However, most people thought that it had something to do with scaring away the evil spirits at the end of the winter.

Friday, 27 February 2009

My Newest (old) Craze

My newest (old) craze are the glass wax beads. I had some since long time, but didn't feel like using them.

However, Mom recently sold the last part of my old stuff she had in stock, and asked me to make more. I did and... suddenly realised that I absolutely loved the soft, gentle texture and colours of the glass wax beads.

I made a series of earrings and already started listing them on DaWanda and Etsy.

On the pictures you see a bunch of necklaces I already sent to my Mom, as well as some of the new earrings.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Young Art

I work with children and love encouraging their creativity. This is a picture of a collage made by a 2 1/2 year old this morning. He used paper rests and chose the pieces and the colours by himself.

I liked it and that's why made sure to take a photo of it before he has gone home.

P.S. I've been switching between British and American spelling recently but intend to stick to the British one from now on - and that's why the colours are "colours" and not "colors"!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

5 Advantages of Being a Work-From-Home Mom

  • Baby makes you more organized. As you have less time then before, you have no choice but use it efficiently.
  • Baby helps you look from the bright side of life. The moment you glance at her lovely smile, it comes down to you that there's more in life than work.
  • Baby makes sure you won't overwork. By refusing to fall asleep without you, he puts you timely to bed.
  • Baby inspires you to continue. She deals with success and failure on a daily basis, as she learns to crawl, walk, etc. She never gives up. I felt really discouraged about my lack of sales back in December, but observing my daughter's tireless attempts to stand up and walk helped me cheer up. My first sales came around that time.
  • Baby is your Number One Fan! Whatever you do, he loves it! Have you ever chased a 1-year old, who is excitedly trying on your latest creation!?!
Feel free to comment and add to this list!

Apple Addict

If you knew me, you would have already known it - I'm an apple addict!

I just love eating apples. During my student years I would even spend the whole day munching on them. (You won't have to think but a second to know what I am eating right now:-)

Last year I visited some friends in England after a 2 years pause. They welcomed me with a huge bowl of apples. It turned out that their 5-year-old didn't let Daddy have his peace and quiet until he finally bought them.

This 5-year-old used to be a 3-year old at the time when I lived in London - I must have eaten tons of apples in her presence... However, now she loves eating apples too.

During my first year in Germany, we lived in a beautiful lake area close to the border with Switzerland. Bodensee is the biggest German lake and it's famous because of its produce of... apples - the tastiest apples in the world.

Some farmers had their own shops and in our favorite one you could buy a 20 kg box of apples for only 10 Euro. My husband couldn't believe it that I was successfully eating up a whole box (well, just the content) in a bit more than a month :-)

You probably understand now why he wasn't surprised when I purchased those gemstone apple charms you see on the bracelet above...

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Give Him Flowers!

I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world, but there's one thing he wouldn't do - give me a present, card or flowers on a special occasion. He's simply boycotting them - Christmas, Valentine, our wedding anniversary and my birthday are declared No-Presents-Days!

The reason behind it is that he doesn't like looking for gifts and buying things just for the sake of doing it. He prefers giving me things when he knows that I want, like or need them. In other words, I get non-birthday, non-Christmas and non-Valentine presents, but no Christmas, Valentine and birthday ones.

After making myself really upset about it during our first year together, I gradually managed to accept it. After all, he's the most wonderful man in the world!

Last year around St. Valentine's Day I said: "You could at least give me flowers."

His answer was: "Why are always men supposed to give flowers? You could give me flowers instead."

You know what? I'm going to do exactly that this year!

I'm trying to get him into giving me cards now. It didn't work out with Christmas, and I'm not extremely hopeful about Valentine, but there's still some time to my birthday and our wedding anniversary...

What you see on the picture is a keychain I just listed on Etsy. Its name is "Give Him Flowers" - I guess you already know why :-) This photo is not used on Etsy.