Saturday, 24 January 2009

More Changes

I temporary disabled my DaWanda widget here, because of my rather silly decision to list a few items both on Etsy and DaWanda. However, the listing fees are already paid and I don't feel neither like deleting them, nor like maintaining two different blogs... The doubled items are only 4 so I might be lucky to sell them off soon.

I already started separating my new products into an Etsy and DaWanda pile and my working table got a new feature: three transparent boxes. The first one is for new and unlisted items, and the other two - for each of the shops.

My Etsy shop is still a baby. I registered back in December, but started listing on January 6th, 2009. The Virtual Labs are great. I already attended a few sessions, hoping to have my shop critiqued. It didn't happed but listening to Daniellexo's advice to other sellers gave me many ideas.

I made some changes and then - what a miracle - I had my first sell! It was so unexpected - and so different. Before I realize it, I already had the order AND the money on my PayPal account. It was quite a shock, as I was used to the DaWanda way - you get the order, then need to confirm it, and only after that the buyer receives your details and makes the payment. Well, well, the US and Europe do live life differently...

It was an American client who bought 3 of my items and one of them was my favorite "Angel of Courage" - red jasper wire wrapped angel pendant. I hope that he will bring his new owner something beautiful and positive. I cleansed all items' energy before packing them - they haven't been worn before, but the stones have been handled by different people.

It was the first time I was shipping that far, so I decided to play it safe and pay those 2.05 Euro more for registering the package.

One of my first clients on DaWanda was from Cyprus. She was clever enough to insist on registered mail and apparently knew what she was doing. Some 2-3 weeks later the package still hadn't arrived. Being new to online sales I got extremely worried. When I tracked it, it turned out to have entered the country a whole week earlier! The client went to her local post office and they already had it there - but didn't bother to bring it to her!!!

Well, the US is supposed to have much better post services than Cyprus, but after such an experience you do want to be on the safe side...

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