Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Kiss The Frog...

I had great fun making my two Kiss The Frog Keychains, and as they were meant to be Valentine romantic, I ended up thinking of my first BIG love!

He was - and is - a person everybody would love to know: bright, intelligent, interesting, fascinating, funny. I met him in a Tai Chi Studio where he was the instructor. (Not his main job though - he was a scientific researcher in the field of chemistry.) I fell in love on Day 1 - and spend the next few months denying it. I just loved (and still love) his way of thinking and seeing the world.

I loved his mental flexibility. I loved his ever-changing nature. I loved his boundless spirit. I loved his pure joy of living life as it is.

As about talking with him: discussing life, Tai Chi and the Universe - well, that was a real delight.

He never showed interest in more than a friendship though. It took me three years to fully accept it...

So I never got to kiss the blue frog.

We first talked about it a few years ago, just after my wedding. He said that I wouldn't have been happy with him. That might have been true.

However, my husband is a real soul mate and three years , many challenges and a baby later we still love each other - so don't you pity me even for a second!

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