Saturday, 24 January 2009

Blue Frogs

With Valentine approaching I'm feeling even more romantic! My husband is generally boycotting all holidays from that type though. I find it a bit sad but already got used to it. I'm normally not likely to receive a present for my birthday, Christmas or St Valentine's Day, but do get surprise gifts in other times! He just doesn't like buying and giving stuff for the sake of it, but enjoys doing it when something suitable comes up.

I do seem to like unique, one of a kind people. My husband is definitely one of them, and so does my first big love. Let me tell you about him - he's a dear friend now. I thought of him while making two of my recent items - the "Kiss The Frog" Keychains.

I think that the association with him came because of the blue frog. I have no clue why it's blue - I bought a whole set of those lampwork beads and 2 of them happened to be blue. I found it awkward at the beginning but then accepted it as a sign for being different.

Both my partner and my first love are unconventional type of persons, but my husband is rather good-looking (well, in my eyes:-) so I wouldn't make the connection with a frog when thinking about him.

My first love, on the contrary, was both ugly and extremely attractive. I can't explain it, but that's how it was. It actually took me more than half a year to notice that his face features were far from what I call handsome. He was - and is - a very friendly, kind and joyful person with a great sense of humor, who has his smile on most of the time. He's also one of the most remarkable people I've ever met.

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