Saturday, 5 December 2009


(The English text follows after the German one.)

Heute waren wir mit meine Maus bei Rewe und dort stand am Tür der Nikolaus. Er hat ein kleines Päckchen mit Apfel, Mandarine, zwei Nüsse und drei Plätzchen zu meine Tochter gegeben, und sie war überglücklich. Sie musste es den ganze Weg nach Hause selber tragen und hat sich echt gefreut.

Letztes Jahr bekammen wir ein Teddybär-Rücksack am Nikolaustag. Er war auf die außere Seite von die Wohnungstür und wir wissen immer noch nicht wer hat ihm da gelassen (obwohl wir alle Nachbarn gefragt haben). Doch, dieser Teddybär ist ein von die lieblings Spielzeug meiner Tochter und kommt fast immer mit, wenn wir nach drausen wollen.

Der Nikolaus bringt offensichtlich viel Freude und deswegen habe ich mich heute ganz spontan entschieden ein Nikolaus-Aktion anzubieten:

Also, wer morgen, 6. Dezember 2009, etwas bei mir in Shop für Einkaufswert ab 12 Euro (ohne die Versandkosten) kauft, bekommt ein kleines Geschenk nach eigenen Wahl. Das Geschenk wählen Sie sich von meiner Shop - das soll einen Artikel unter 6 Euro Einkaufswert sein.

Tip: Schauen Sie auch was bei "Individualisierungsoptionen", sowie bei die letztens verkaufte Produkte steht. Ich werde es von heute bis morgen nicht schaffen viele neue Artikeln einzustellen. Doch ich habe mehr als was im Shop zu sehen ist und beschreibe es oft in die Individualisierungsoptionen. Zum Beispiel der kleiner Karneol Engel unten kann auch aus Goldfluss, Roter Jaspis, Landschaftsjaspis, Howlith, Rosenquarz, Bergkristall, Mookait, Verdit, grüne Jade gemacht werden.

In Germany Santa Claus is called "Nikolaus" and comes... tomorrow, on December 6th with small presents. On Christmas Day comes the "Christkind" ("the child Christ") with the big presents.

My daughter already met Nikolaus in a supermarket today (shops are closed on Sundays here) and got a little bag with an apple, an orange, two nuts and three cookies. That made her extremely happy and she even insisted on carrying the bag herself all the way home. Last year Nikolaus brought her a teddy rucksack which has been one of her favourite toys ever since. It was hanged on our front door and, although we asked all neighbours, we couldn't find out who left it there.

Thinking about this Nikolaus-related joy today, I decided on a Nikolaus Campaign.

So, if you buy something for 12 Euro or more (post and package excluding) from my shop tomorrow - December 6th 2009, you'll get a small present. You can choose the present yourself in my shop, and it should cost 6 Euro or less.

Make sure to check the so-called "Customisation options" at the bottom of every product desription. As I decided on the Nikolaus Campaign in the very last moment, I won't be able to list many new items until tomorrow. However, in the customisation options you can see if other stones are available for the product you are looking at. For example, the tiny carnelian angel on the picture above could also be made from goldstone, red jasper, picture jasper, howlite, verdite, green jade, rose quartz, rock crystal, mookaite.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

So That's What I Do At Night...

I couldn't make myself get to bed last night and look what came out! Wire-wrapping is my favourite technique but, having an active toddler, I hardly ever have time for more complex projects like this one. My head has been buzzing with ideas though...

Diese Nacht könnte ich nicht schlafen und diese Blumen Anhänger ist die Ergebnis. Ich liebe Drahtarbeit, meine kleine Maus sorgt aber dass ich gut beschäftig bin - ich komme einfach nicht so oft dazu, komplexe Projekte wie dieser zu werkeln. Gestern könnte ich mir aber nicht mehr zurückhalten:-)

Die Kette ist in meinem DaWanda Shop zu finden.

P.S. Deutsch ist nicht meine beste Sprache, bitte verziehen Sie mich!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Building Towers

We spent some time building towers this morning - my daughter and I.

Actually, I was building the towers...

... and my daughter was destroying them:

We did it a couple of times and it was real fun!

So now you know what am I doing when I'm not creating angel jewellery: playing with my own little angel:-)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Good Morning, Life!

A few days ago I stumbled on a beautiful artist's work on DaWanda. I was so taken by her sunny paintings that I decided to write about her here.

Her name is Berit and she comes from Berlin in Germany. She's a graphic designer and illustrator, who happened to travel to Africa and fall in love with the Black Continent's bright, shiny colours.

My personal favourite is the sunrise you see on the top of the post. However, all aquarelles of hers are wonderful.

Berit has both original paintings and prints/postcards for sale. Visit her DaWanda store "Berit's Atelier" by clicking here.

The word that describes Berit's paintings the best is in German: "farbenfroh". Normally translated as "colourful", it actually carries the implication of "joyful with colours".

Enjoy your Africa trip with "Berit's Atelier"!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Good Bye, Etsy!

I decided to let my Etsy shop be. I like Etsy - the forum, blog and the Virtual Labs are full of great marketing ideas. However, it takes time to list on two selling venues, and being a busy Mum, I don't have that time. On top of that, I only sold 3 items on Etsy!

Being based in Germany, I do feel more at home on DaWanda. Come meet me there then!

Thursday, 19 March 2009


I haven't posted here recently, but I spent quite some time playing with my daughter, as well as making new angels - pendants, necklaces and zipper pulls.

In addition to that I must have been seriously helped by the real angels, because I had about 5-6 sells on DaWanda in less then 2 weeks! Being busy packing and making Thank You cards felt so nice!

Getting positive feedback from buyers was even nicer. Someone even ordered anew - I was so happy to make people happy :-)

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Winter Carnival!

I live in Germany and the winter carnival, called "Fasching", is such an important part of the year that the kids even get a whole week holiday!

The actual day when people go out dressed up is "Faschingsdienstag" ("The Tuesday of Fasching").

That was just a few days ago and I took some pictures.

Unfortunately I didn't get any satisfying answer to the question about the origin of the tradition. However, most people thought that it had something to do with scaring away the evil spirits at the end of the winter.

Friday, 27 February 2009

My Newest (old) Craze

My newest (old) craze are the glass wax beads. I had some since long time, but didn't feel like using them.

However, Mom recently sold the last part of my old stuff she had in stock, and asked me to make more. I did and... suddenly realised that I absolutely loved the soft, gentle texture and colours of the glass wax beads.

I made a series of earrings and already started listing them on DaWanda and Etsy.

On the pictures you see a bunch of necklaces I already sent to my Mom, as well as some of the new earrings.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Young Art

I work with children and love encouraging their creativity. This is a picture of a collage made by a 2 1/2 year old this morning. He used paper rests and chose the pieces and the colours by himself.

I liked it and that's why made sure to take a photo of it before he has gone home.

P.S. I've been switching between British and American spelling recently but intend to stick to the British one from now on - and that's why the colours are "colours" and not "colors"!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

5 Advantages of Being a Work-From-Home Mom

  • Baby makes you more organized. As you have less time then before, you have no choice but use it efficiently.
  • Baby helps you look from the bright side of life. The moment you glance at her lovely smile, it comes down to you that there's more in life than work.
  • Baby makes sure you won't overwork. By refusing to fall asleep without you, he puts you timely to bed.
  • Baby inspires you to continue. She deals with success and failure on a daily basis, as she learns to crawl, walk, etc. She never gives up. I felt really discouraged about my lack of sales back in December, but observing my daughter's tireless attempts to stand up and walk helped me cheer up. My first sales came around that time.
  • Baby is your Number One Fan! Whatever you do, he loves it! Have you ever chased a 1-year old, who is excitedly trying on your latest creation!?!
Feel free to comment and add to this list!

Apple Addict

If you knew me, you would have already known it - I'm an apple addict!

I just love eating apples. During my student years I would even spend the whole day munching on them. (You won't have to think but a second to know what I am eating right now:-)

Last year I visited some friends in England after a 2 years pause. They welcomed me with a huge bowl of apples. It turned out that their 5-year-old didn't let Daddy have his peace and quiet until he finally bought them.

This 5-year-old used to be a 3-year old at the time when I lived in London - I must have eaten tons of apples in her presence... However, now she loves eating apples too.

During my first year in Germany, we lived in a beautiful lake area close to the border with Switzerland. Bodensee is the biggest German lake and it's famous because of its produce of... apples - the tastiest apples in the world.

Some farmers had their own shops and in our favorite one you could buy a 20 kg box of apples for only 10 Euro. My husband couldn't believe it that I was successfully eating up a whole box (well, just the content) in a bit more than a month :-)

You probably understand now why he wasn't surprised when I purchased those gemstone apple charms you see on the bracelet above...

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Give Him Flowers!

I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world, but there's one thing he wouldn't do - give me a present, card or flowers on a special occasion. He's simply boycotting them - Christmas, Valentine, our wedding anniversary and my birthday are declared No-Presents-Days!

The reason behind it is that he doesn't like looking for gifts and buying things just for the sake of doing it. He prefers giving me things when he knows that I want, like or need them. In other words, I get non-birthday, non-Christmas and non-Valentine presents, but no Christmas, Valentine and birthday ones.

After making myself really upset about it during our first year together, I gradually managed to accept it. After all, he's the most wonderful man in the world!

Last year around St. Valentine's Day I said: "You could at least give me flowers."

His answer was: "Why are always men supposed to give flowers? You could give me flowers instead."

You know what? I'm going to do exactly that this year!

I'm trying to get him into giving me cards now. It didn't work out with Christmas, and I'm not extremely hopeful about Valentine, but there's still some time to my birthday and our wedding anniversary...

What you see on the picture is a keychain I just listed on Etsy. Its name is "Give Him Flowers" - I guess you already know why :-) This photo is not used on Etsy.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Kiss The Frog...

I had great fun making my two Kiss The Frog Keychains, and as they were meant to be Valentine romantic, I ended up thinking of my first BIG love!

He was - and is - a person everybody would love to know: bright, intelligent, interesting, fascinating, funny. I met him in a Tai Chi Studio where he was the instructor. (Not his main job though - he was a scientific researcher in the field of chemistry.) I fell in love on Day 1 - and spend the next few months denying it. I just loved (and still love) his way of thinking and seeing the world.

I loved his mental flexibility. I loved his ever-changing nature. I loved his boundless spirit. I loved his pure joy of living life as it is.

As about talking with him: discussing life, Tai Chi and the Universe - well, that was a real delight.

He never showed interest in more than a friendship though. It took me three years to fully accept it...

So I never got to kiss the blue frog.

We first talked about it a few years ago, just after my wedding. He said that I wouldn't have been happy with him. That might have been true.

However, my husband is a real soul mate and three years , many challenges and a baby later we still love each other - so don't you pity me even for a second!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Blue Frogs

With Valentine approaching I'm feeling even more romantic! My husband is generally boycotting all holidays from that type though. I find it a bit sad but already got used to it. I'm normally not likely to receive a present for my birthday, Christmas or St Valentine's Day, but do get surprise gifts in other times! He just doesn't like buying and giving stuff for the sake of it, but enjoys doing it when something suitable comes up.

I do seem to like unique, one of a kind people. My husband is definitely one of them, and so does my first big love. Let me tell you about him - he's a dear friend now. I thought of him while making two of my recent items - the "Kiss The Frog" Keychains.

I think that the association with him came because of the blue frog. I have no clue why it's blue - I bought a whole set of those lampwork beads and 2 of them happened to be blue. I found it awkward at the beginning but then accepted it as a sign for being different.

Both my partner and my first love are unconventional type of persons, but my husband is rather good-looking (well, in my eyes:-) so I wouldn't make the connection with a frog when thinking about him.

My first love, on the contrary, was both ugly and extremely attractive. I can't explain it, but that's how it was. It actually took me more than half a year to notice that his face features were far from what I call handsome. He was - and is - a very friendly, kind and joyful person with a great sense of humor, who has his smile on most of the time. He's also one of the most remarkable people I've ever met.

More Changes

I temporary disabled my DaWanda widget here, because of my rather silly decision to list a few items both on Etsy and DaWanda. However, the listing fees are already paid and I don't feel neither like deleting them, nor like maintaining two different blogs... The doubled items are only 4 so I might be lucky to sell them off soon.

I already started separating my new products into an Etsy and DaWanda pile and my working table got a new feature: three transparent boxes. The first one is for new and unlisted items, and the other two - for each of the shops.

My Etsy shop is still a baby. I registered back in December, but started listing on January 6th, 2009. The Virtual Labs are great. I already attended a few sessions, hoping to have my shop critiqued. It didn't happed but listening to Daniellexo's advice to other sellers gave me many ideas.

I made some changes and then - what a miracle - I had my first sell! It was so unexpected - and so different. Before I realize it, I already had the order AND the money on my PayPal account. It was quite a shock, as I was used to the DaWanda way - you get the order, then need to confirm it, and only after that the buyer receives your details and makes the payment. Well, well, the US and Europe do live life differently...

It was an American client who bought 3 of my items and one of them was my favorite "Angel of Courage" - red jasper wire wrapped angel pendant. I hope that he will bring his new owner something beautiful and positive. I cleansed all items' energy before packing them - they haven't been worn before, but the stones have been handled by different people.

It was the first time I was shipping that far, so I decided to play it safe and pay those 2.05 Euro more for registering the package.

One of my first clients on DaWanda was from Cyprus. She was clever enough to insist on registered mail and apparently knew what she was doing. Some 2-3 weeks later the package still hadn't arrived. Being new to online sales I got extremely worried. When I tracked it, it turned out to have entered the country a whole week earlier! The client went to her local post office and they already had it there - but didn't bother to bring it to her!!!

Well, the US is supposed to have much better post services than Cyprus, but after such an experience you do want to be on the safe side...

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Some Changes

I haven't written here recently and the main reason - as I recently found out - was that I didn't feel at piece with what I was doing! Writing only about my newest creations doesn't seem to be my cup of tea - I just feel silly about it...

I decided to try writing about the two themes I'm really passionate about - angels and working Mums. I'm a "businessMum" myself; right now I'm sitting in front of the computer with my little one on my knees... oh well, she just came off. I'd like to contact other "businessMums" and probably ask them to share their experience - let's see how to organize that.

I'm yet to decide how to tackle the other theme - angels. My idea is to get people share how they feel about divine help. We're often guided in our actions in subtle ways and I doubt that it's all mere coincidence.

My daughter is already walking around with one of my shoes in her hands and that's a sign: "Mummy, let's go out for a walk!"