Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The answers within

Being new in online selling makes me creative.

I've never been much into photography before but now that's the only way to present my products.

As always, people are good in giving advice:

  • A friend told me to take pictures when it's sunny. Well, I did and you see the result on picture 1. I find the shadows awful.
  • My husband said that I should somehow tilt the object I'm trying to film. So I put it on the lid of a plastic box and tried again. The result was OK but not especially thrilling (picture 2).
  • Then I came up with the idea to use one of our glass plates. My husband said that it won't look well. If you look at picture 3, you would agree!
  • However, I insisted on exploring that option further (picture 4). It worked out quite good at the end, didn't it?
Conclusion: Friendly advice is a wonderful thing, but the real answers are normally within us...

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