Saturday, 29 November 2008

Angels Without Wings

Something wonderful happened to me during the last few days - I received much needed help without having asked for it. Yes, believe it or not, it still happens!

I'm describing my DaWanda products in both English and German. However, my German is far from perfect, so there is a fare amount of grammar mistakes in my otherwise short texts. In an attempt to excuse myself, I explained in the forum that I had only been studying German for the last 2 years (in which time we moved flats 3 times and got a baby).

And then the miracle happened! I received a personal message (my very first one on DaWanda) from a lady I didn't know at all. "I don't want to interfere, but as you said in the forum that you had concerns about your German, I decided to have a look at your profile," she wrote (in German). "Below is the corrected version of it. "

I was completely blown away from this unexpected act of kindness!

On the next day she also corrected my shop description, as well as 6-7 of the product descriptions. I used them as a matrix to edit the rest of my items.

My angel without wings has some interesting items in her shop. Click on the following link in order to see them: Kreative Ideen

"Kreative Ideen" is the shop's name. That's the German for "creative ideas".

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