Saturday, 29 November 2008

Angels Without Wings

Something wonderful happened to me during the last few days - I received much needed help without having asked for it. Yes, believe it or not, it still happens!

I'm describing my DaWanda products in both English and German. However, my German is far from perfect, so there is a fare amount of grammar mistakes in my otherwise short texts. In an attempt to excuse myself, I explained in the forum that I had only been studying German for the last 2 years (in which time we moved flats 3 times and got a baby).

And then the miracle happened! I received a personal message (my very first one on DaWanda) from a lady I didn't know at all. "I don't want to interfere, but as you said in the forum that you had concerns about your German, I decided to have a look at your profile," she wrote (in German). "Below is the corrected version of it. "

I was completely blown away from this unexpected act of kindness!

On the next day she also corrected my shop description, as well as 6-7 of the product descriptions. I used them as a matrix to edit the rest of my items.

My angel without wings has some interesting items in her shop. Click on the following link in order to see them: Kreative Ideen

"Kreative Ideen" is the shop's name. That's the German for "creative ideas".

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I Made It!

I can't believe it! I managed to send a birthday card timely!

The birthday is tomorrow and the card was on its way this morning. I took a picture of it, before sending it off.

The birthday boy is 2 year-old and it felt right to go for a boat motive. I'm not so happy with the white base though. Next time I really need to use some other colour. I just didn't have any coloured card yesterday evening.

I love making cards. It's all because of my favourite teacher in the primary school. She encouraged us to hand-make things, and we loved presenting her with our creations at Christmas and Easter.

I'm thinking of launching greeting cards in my DaWanda shop at some point of time, but don't feel ready for it right now.

My husband describes the problem in one sentence: "You just want to do everything TOO perfect!"

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

How Do Flowers Sent From Another Country Look Like?

Have a look at the picture and you'll see.

My husband's sister sent them. She lives in Sweden and we - in Germany. She went to an international floristic company, placed an order and the bouquet was arranged and delivered by a local florist.

It's not so complicated to do, but surely needs thinking about it. That's exactly what amazes me about my sister-in-law. She somehow manages not only to remember birthdays and wedding anniversaries, but also to send a card or even a present at the right time.

I'm usually excusing my forgetfulness with the fact that I have a baby.

, my sister-in-law has a baby too! She has a 1 year-old and a schoolboy. She actually sent us a present for our daughter's birth when her own kid was under one!

I told my husband that she's my role model regarding these things...

Oh, no! A friend's child has birthday in a few days - but I have an idea!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Bald kommt Weihnachten wieder!*

* (German) It's Christmas soon!

A child in one of my English groups (3 year-old) said that back in July.

I think it had something to do with the moon puppet though. We were learning "Hey, Diddle, Diddle" at that time and I had made simple paper puppets to represent each of the characters. Every time the moon appeared, little Emily (the name is changed) would enthusiastically announce: "Bald kommt Weihnachten wieder!"

There's a picture of one of the flashcards I painted for the "Hey, Diddle, Diddle" series of lessons. I love this rhyme - it's funny and awkward.

Hey, diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the moon
The little dog laughed to see such fun
And the dish run away with the spoon

Note that the most frequent question I was getting was: "Why did the dish run away?" The fact that the cow jumped over the moon didn't seem to bother anyone.

However, now it's really Christmas time and we are already preparing. The other day I got a package from my Mum - she sent me some of my favourite Christmas decorations. You could see them on the picture.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The answers within

Being new in online selling makes me creative.

I've never been much into photography before but now that's the only way to present my products.

As always, people are good in giving advice:

  • A friend told me to take pictures when it's sunny. Well, I did and you see the result on picture 1. I find the shadows awful.
  • My husband said that I should somehow tilt the object I'm trying to film. So I put it on the lid of a plastic box and tried again. The result was OK but not especially thrilling (picture 2).
  • Then I came up with the idea to use one of our glass plates. My husband said that it won't look well. If you look at picture 3, you would agree!
  • However, I insisted on exploring that option further (picture 4). It worked out quite good at the end, didn't it?
Conclusion: Friendly advice is a wonderful thing, but the real answers are normally within us...

Monday, 17 November 2008


DaWanda seems to be functioning normally now, as the items I listed on Friday finally showed up today!

However, I just listed another two items and they're still not present on the front page. Hmm...

As I'm new there, I don't know if that's normal, or not. Oh, well, wait and see.

These are the stuff I listed today - a carnelian necklace and an unakit angel pendant.

As you could see, I love angels!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Have you met the Queen these days?

Last week the 10-year old daughter of a friend came by. She needed some quick fix before her next test in English at school.

The first lesson in her book was about London (who would have thought about it?). I should admit that I got emotional. London is one of my most favourite places on Earth - I loved living there and I still miss it. I must have mentioned something about it, because she opened BIG eyes and asked: "You've been in London! Did you see the Queen?"

Now, how do you explain to a 10-year-old in Germany that even if you would spend your lifetime in London, you're still not likely to be invited for a tee in Buckingham Palace?

I don't remember my exact answer, but I did drop something like: "I've heard that if you are very lucky and go in the right pub at the right time, you might meet Prince William and his friends."

She opened even bigger eyes: "Did you see Prince William?!?"

Here we go again...

However, there was a picture of the waxwork of Lady Diana from Madam Tussaud's in the book. It reminded me of my childhood and how much I admired and respected Princess Diana's work as a messenger of peace.

I guess that was the reason why some days later, while trying to think of a nice name for an item in my shop that I like a lot, I spontaneously came up with "The Princess of Hearts" (it's a key ring with a filigree love heart element and amethyst, sodalite and rose quartz beads). Funnily enough, it took me quite a while before I figured it out that it was a phrase, used a lot from the press at the time.

It's amazing how bizarre the associations our mind creates could be.

What a start!

Oh, well, I wouldn't have called it a "kick-start"...

Some days ago I finally launched my DaWanda shop and after a sleepless night managed to list my first 12 items. It wasn't until the next day, that I realised there was a problem with the DaWanda site - newly listed items just didn't show up at the front page!

Such a disappointment!

I registered in DaWanda back in August, but there was a lot of work around my English groups, so I just had to let it be for a while. Being the primary caregiver of my daughter, I'm mainly working during her sleeping hours (and they are not much at all!) - or when she's out for a walk with Daddy. That's why I was eager to sit in front of the computer and start off that shop.

However, after making myself really unhappy about the whole situation yesterday, I somehow managed to take it as it is today. I suppose that's one of Life's lessons - act, do what you think is right, and then let go and let be. We often try to swim against the current, and although that's theoretically possible, it doesn’t bring much on a longer run.

There is a beautiful book by Herman Hesse called "Sidharta". I read it many years ago but still remember how at the end of his life, the main character finally found the ultimate bliss in observing the flow of the river, while continuing with his day-to-day work.

Shall we give it a try?